About Me

Hello everyone, I am Flavia a Certified Professional Organizer that has a background in Analytical Chemistry. I worked as a chemist for several years teaching Chemistry and producing meaningful research work. During my career as a scientist and educator, I encountered many situations that provided opportunities to sharpen skills that are needed not just to execute a clear, organized and well-done job but, also, to understand people and their needs.

After a fulfilling career, I decided that it was time to retire and live my dream! I often enough had talked to my friends that I would like to become someone that can help people. You know what? I found the way!

I am passionate about organization and believe it or not, cooking as well!

My family and I have moved a lot, and I mean not just cities but countries and continents. It gave me an edge on how to survive to the stress of adapting to different cultures, lifestyles and languages.

It took a great deal of creativity, effort and learning, success and failure, over the years, to develop a system where I could survive all the chaos and lead a life that could be cherished!

If you are ready to revolutionize your lifestyle and love life as I do, give us a call at 905-466-0327, send an email at flavia@livingsmartconsultancy.com or use the form to communicate with us and establish the first contact. I am member of Professional Organizers in Canada and I abide by their code of ethics.

Thank you!! Life is too short and should be enjoyable!!

"Tidying is just a tool, not the final destination"
-Marie Kondo

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